This blog is dedicated to the amazing Spice Girls. Don't right click and save, just reblog! :3 i hate seeing my pictures on weheartit. :)

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stepofftheedgewithme said: just found your tumblr today. i love it so much! =)
do you know if there are any other tumblrs dedicated to the awesomeness that is The Spice Girls?

thanks! :D ♥ uh actually yes! there’s a few i know.


Anonymous said: Do you know any tumblrs of Melanie C?
and if there aren't any you know could
you make that one you were going to make.

wow i can’t believe you remember i was gonna make one! lol. i don’t know any except this one, sorry. :/ i might make one though!

twirlovertwerk said: omfg i love this blog like so much. spicegirlsftw<33

thank you!!! :DD <333

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